Fighting Fit – Get A Challenging Full Body Workout With Team Soultrain's Boxing In Sydney CBD

Lauren Conrad. Gwen Stefani. Marisa Miller. Matthew McConaughey. James Franco. These are but a few of the red carpet celebrities who keep themselves fit by practising the sweet science that is boxing.

The Type Of Boxing Offered At Team Soultrain

Here at SoulTrain, we offer HammerTime Boxing which combines punching, footwork, defensive and heavy rope drills, and bag and partner work to help our clients burn excess calories, sculpt their body, and reveal their abs. But how effective is boxing in Sydney CBD gym as a total body workout?

The Muscle Groups We Focus On Developing

A true total body workout works on the major muscle groups including the chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and abs.

In boxing, Sydney CBD residents should know, pectoral muscles (or the chest muscles) are developed as these are used in controlling the movements of the shoulders and arms. Striking also helps develop the serratus anterior, sometimes called "boxer's muscle," which is utilised in the circular movements of the arm.

Punches like the hook and the uppercut also benefit the back, particularly the upper back or the latissimus dorsi. The lats also act as stabilisers which enable you to deal with the impact of punching a surface.

Ever notice how firm and trim the arms and shoulders of those who box are? Boxing effectively utilises the smaller muscles in the arms, far better than isolation exercises can. In sparring or bag work, these muscles must work in unison.

Boxing Classes Use More Than Your Torso

If you think that boxing is just good for the upper body, you're wrong. With proper form, boxing can provide a good workout for the core and the leg muscles as well. Ask any boxer and he will tell you that the secret to a powerful punch is the optimal and proper use of the core and the legs. Pivoting and defensive moves like ducking, bobbing and weaving can challenge your core.

As the biggest muscles in your body, the legs are crucial for both offence and defence. True punching power entails leg strength and proper footwork. Pinned to a corner? Efficient use of footwork enables a user to dodge punches and prevent him from being pinned to the ropes. However, when it comes to using the legs for boxing, power is not the only important thing to develop. As an anaerobic activity, boxing requires endurance. 

Why We Are Different

Here at SoulTrain, we'll teach you basic fighting techniques and proper form to provide you with a full body training that will up your energy level as well as your confidence. All of these are achieved in an environment that is safe, fun and challenging.

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