The Furnace

Our personal training program "The Furnace" is the fastest way to achieve your dream body. The training is based on our experience as elite athletes. We distilled lessons learnt from the best coaches in the NRL, NFL English Premier League, Super Rugby, Australian Weightlifting and womens' figure competitions.

You will receive expert instruction from a dedicated coach and personalised program in a tight knit team environment. We give you the support you need to believe, your team mates will give you the extra push you need to succeed.

The Furnace includes Soultrain's proven nutrition coaching. We work out the best diet for your body type and then we teach you our proven method to match your diet to your lifestyle. No guilt trips, no fads or crazy diets. It's just solid science and practical coaching thats teach you how to eat foods you actually like.

The best part? You get all of this for a fraction of the cost of one on one coaching. This means you can afford to train more often. The more you train, the quicker you achieve your goals.

Most importantly your results are guaranteed. I'll repeat that, your results are guaranteed.

Women strip kilos of fat off your mid-section, thighs, booty and arms. Get your bikini body back. Feel confident, hot and sexy no matter the occasion.

Men stack on kilos of lean muscle around your chest, back and arms. Strip inches of fat off your mid-section revealing that 6 pack that has been hiding for too long!


Absolution combines the calorie burning of cardio with the toning of resistance training. This means you drop body fat fast, plus firm up those jiggly bits. Absolution is a chance to sweat it out, drop some stress and have fun with your team mates. It is open to everyone of all fitness levels. Circuits consist of fitness games, battle rope, sled work, rope climbs, box jumps, farmers carry and much more!

Everybody loves Absolution. Its an awesome starting point so we encourage everyone to ‘get in the game’ and give it a go. We know you’ll love it!

Quick Step

Your chance to develop sleek lines and long, lean muscle. A big calorie burner but one which fully develops your booty and mid section. Quick step is everything a treadmill is not. Dynamic, intense and fun. Quick Step is interspersed with games to shift you out of work zone and into training mode. The high intensity work increases your body’s release of positive hormones, which speeds up your metabolism and signals your body to torch fat!

Replace your old, tired, hard, long and boring runs on the treadmill with our new, energetic, simple, quick, fun and effective hill sprint program.

HammerTime Boxing

Calorie burning, body sculpting, ab revealing, energy lifting, boxing sessions – welcome to HammerTime.

Experience the excitement and challenges of genuine fight training in a safe, fun environment. The Hammertime Boxing Academy is unique in that it will teaches you proper punching form and basic fighting techniques whilst offering a full body workout which will have you looking and feeling on top of our game!

Work-outs include combination signs and codes, counter-punches, footwork drills, defensive drills, heavy rope drills, bag work and partner-work.

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