What Team Soultrain Brings To The Table For Darlinghust Gym Members

If you have experienced working out in a Darlinghurst gym before, you might have found yourself feeling misplaced. Men and women seemingly chasing an invisible object on the treadmill, oblivious to the world around them as the music blares over their earphones. Men grunting, as if they were experiencing excruciating pain while hoisting weights. The key questions, then, are what makes us different, and why should you give our gym a try?

What Soultrain Brings to the Table

Dedicated Coaching

Acting as mentors, our coaches bring their knowledge and experience to the table to help you become your best version of yourself.

Proven Nutrition Blueprint

Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym. In lieu of crazy diets which often leave people feeling deprived, we'll teach how you can enjoy eating while achieving your desired body. On top of that, we'll coach you on ways to modify your habits and routines so that you'll remain on top of your health and fitness goals despite the demands of your home and work life.

Tailored Training

Applying the latest discoveries in sports science, we'll help you achieve your fitness goals through training methods that are attuned to your unique circumstances.

Sounds like standard copy any gym in Darlinghurst would use, right?

What Sets us Apart from the Rest

We thoroughly understand that the achievement of any fitness goal, be it to shed a few kilos or to become shredded, comes with unique challenges and can be quite difficult to achieve, requiring intense focus and motivation. While we offer no shortcuts, we bring in an element of play that allows you to break free from the tedium of working out. SoulTrain's philosophy has always been about sharing our unique vision and winning attitude while helping our gym members become the best versions of themselves in a friendly atmosphere were people help one another. At SoulTrain, you'll find a community, not an ab worshipping fitness cult. Finally, our programmes are designed to help you find joy in movement, not boredom or pain.

Indeed, there'll be days in your journey to greater health and fitness when everything seems to going against you. That's why when you enter our gym, you'll find a place wherein you can feed off the positive vibe and energy of those around you.

Nothing comes from nothing. That's a scientific fact. The type of body you want to achieve won't just magically appear in an instance. With your dedication and motivation, coupled with our experience and expertise, plus a community of friends invested in your personal success, you've got nothing to lose but your excess weight.

What are you bringing to the table?

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