Sydney Fitness Trainers Erin and Nick invite you to an energising experience, that will get you results!

You've tried it all before — looking up workouts on the Internet so you can try them at home, purchasing equipment so you wouldn't have to go to the gym, and devising your own schedule to fit around your daily routine. And while you may have religiously followed your preferred fitness program in the beginning, the apparent lack of results and the absence of people to offer support for your endeavor can easily cause you to slip back into your unhealthy habits. Before long, you simply give up, put all your equipment away, shrug off the failed attempt to get fit and proceed to revert back to a lifestyle without a solid physical fitness regimen.

Sound familiar? That's because practically everyone will have tried to go the solo route when it comes to working out, but there are plenty of things that can cause this plan to backfire — you can cheat your way out of working out since no one's watching, you can sneak junk foods or fatty foods into your meals because you're too busy attending to your other responsibilities to prepare wholesome dishes, and you convince yourself that it's OK to quit halfway through the schedule because no one will scold you about it, anyway.

But why miss out on a great opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle and successfully attain the body you’ve long desired? Your heart was in the right place when you tried to go it alone, but now, it's time to consider a different approach — something that will prove to be more fun, more motivating, and more effective for you. Does that sound good? Then it's time to consider group fitness — and in Sydney, the best place to sign up for that is with Team SoulTrain Fitness.

Why Recommend Group Training?

Why does this gym highly recommend a group training program? Group fitness, Sydney locals will be happy to discover, has a number of benefits for people who may not get the results they seek from working out on their own or getting one-on-one training. Here are the top advantages cited by SoulTrain's team of trainers:

Motivation And Support

Working out with a group gives you motivation and support. When you have a set time and place for meeting friends or an entirely new workout group, you're more likely to show up. And once you're there, you engage with your teammates — they can encourage you to push for a few more reps, and you can help a buddy out with his form or breathing techniques. And even outside the gym, you can help each other out with sticking to your nutrition plan at home or while dining out, so you'll know that all of you are doing your best to stay on track.

Experience and Accountability

You can experience more types of exercises than you would normally do if you were on your own. Being paired with a partner or working side by side with all group members enables you to perform exercises that can't be done solo, such as circuit games and battle rope. Of course, the friendly competition will carry you through the challenging exercises, too. So your workout session can lead you to new and fun experiences.

The Savings!

You can receive these group training benefits at the fraction of the cost of one-on-one fitness coaching. Personal coaching sessions have higher rates than group training sessions. If you thrive more in dynamic group training environments than in solo personal coaching setups, then joining a team can be the better option — you can afford to train more often, and this can help you reach your goals faster.

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