Inspired In The Gym: Sydney CBD Fitness Trainers Erin and Nick Help You Achieve An Impressive Body Transformation

Kids to look after. Presentations to make at work. A house to keep clean. Errands to run. People to meet. With so many responsibilities to stay on top of, today's adult professionals may not have as many opportunities to spend time on, or find sufficient motivation for, their physical fitness.

Despite people's growing awareness of eating habits, lifestyles, and practices that are generally harmful to one's health, even with the increasing availability of fitness centres, nutrition clinics, and health experts you can approach to obtain help in improving their health, many still fail to maintain an effective regimen that could help them achieve the body and level of fitness that they need or desire.

How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Perhaps, the solution lies in your choice of gym. Sydney CBD, aside from being a hub for people from all walks of life bent on advancing their careers, is also the location of a revolutionary gym where you can come in and become the best version of yourself and enjoy the process of body transformation. It's called SoulTrain.

A shared vision

Most people are intimidated by gyms that seem to be all about getting those elusive six-packs and thoroughly muscular physique. The key to having a positive fitness experience is to choose a place where your goals will be accommodated — whether it's weight loss, getting back into shape after injury, or toning your body.

Dedicated coaching

People can fare differently under different coaching dynamics. Perhaps you can channel more focus into your fitness journey when you get one-on-one training. Maybe you push yourself more when you work out with a team. SoulTrain recommends the right kind of training to suit your needs and will help devise a program that will fit your individual schedule so that you can get optimal results from your training sessions.

Promoting proper nutrition

Getting in shape should never involve deprivation; in fact, you can still enjoy the foods you love while building the body you want — the key is the creation of an appropriate nutrition plan that can help you develop good, sustainable habits for the long term.

SoulTrain is your best choice for a gym in Sydney CBD that will help you get the results you want — results that last. After all, selecting the best trainers is the first step to adopting a healthier lifestyle, and they'll help you follow the right fitness regimen that will fit in nicely with your daily routine.

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Mon-Fri 6:00am – 8:00pm
Sat 8:30am – 4:oopm
Sun Closed


Erin 0414 844 774
Nick 0402 796 160


Lvl 3, City of Sydney PCYC
Cnr of Riley & Cathedral St.
Woolloomooloo 2011