Exercise for fat loss: What kind, and how much

In today’s video, we’re going to cover how to EXERCISE for fat loss. Because if you want to lose body fat, the right kind and amount of exercise can rapidly accelerate your progress.

5 Questions For Success

Today we’re going to cover how to exercise for fat loss. Because if you want to lose body fat, exercise is critical. Lots of people make mistakes here, but the truth is there are just a few simple principles to understand.

Let’s recap the simple keys to exercising for fat loss:

  • 1

    Start now. Get moving; do some exercise and do it right away.

  • 2

    Mix it up. Mix calorie-burning exercise (“cardio”) with muscle-preserving exercise (resistance training).

  • 3

    Get to 5 hours (slowly). Gradually work your way up to 5 hours of total exercise per week.

  • 4

    Progressive overload. Track what you do, and challenge yourself to do a little more, or a little better, each time.

As long as you do those 4 things, you’ll lose fat quickly and for good.

Below is your 6 week resistance training program/diary. If you are new to resistance training start off with our beginners program. If you are more experienced and up for a challenge start off on our advanced program.

Download, printout and fill out your training diary every time you train. Remember you are looking for progressive overload every time you training – In plain English, it means: consistently challenging yourself to do a little more, or a little better.

Every time you do physical activity, you write down what you did, and the next time, you do more, or do better, even in the smallest ways.  It’s a really powerful – and unbelievably easy – technique.

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