Soultrain Intensive 21 Day Detox

In this video learn the KEY steps to fitting into that sexy bikini, little black dress or your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Best of all, you can get started right away.

11 Soultrain Detox Commandments

We promised to show you how to detox your way into a bikini or favorite pair of skinny jeans. Well here it is. If followed correctly expect to loss 2-4kg, and 2-3 centimeters off your waist, hips and thighs over the next 21 days.

Quick and easy recipes, daily meal plan, superfood shopping list and body toning exercise program can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

01. Reduce the chemical load on your body

The human body is excellent at filtering out chemicals and environmental toxins. The main issue is that we continually bombard the body day in and day out with chemicals. These chemicals radically disrupt the proper working of many of the bodies essential systems.

What is aging really? It is the accumulation of damage our cells receive from numerous toxins from solvents, heavy metals, stress, pesticides to radiation and poisons. Products where these toxins can be found are: soap, moisturisers, shampoo, household cleaning products and cooking containers.

Navigating store aisles can be difficult. Hundreds of safety studies and thousands of ingredient labels have been researched to bring you our top recommendations for what not to buy.

02. Eat every 2-3 hours

Research has demonstrated that eating every 2-3 hours is one of the most important changes you can make to your diet. Regular feeding intervals stimulate the metabolism, balance blood sugar, and improve health, body composition, and performance. So make sure that when it comes to eating, you jump on the every 2-3 hour train.

Now I know a couple of questions have probably come to mind: “First, how many meals per day should you be eating?” That’s easy – just divide the time you’re awake (say, 15 hours) by 3. So if you’re up for 15 hours a day, eat 5 meals a day.

Next, should you eat before bed, before exercise, etc? For that one-just keep the rule in mind and eat every 2-3 hours. If it’s bed time and it’s time to eat, take that opportunity to eat! We don’t care what you’ve heard before. It’s not true. We promise.

03. Eat complete, lean protein with each feeding opportunity

It’s critical to eat some complete, lean protein with every feeding opportunity. Again, we’ll list some sources of lean, complete protein in Superfood download. But get this idea straight first – make sure that every time you eat there’s some of protein involved.

Typically I recommend that women get 20-30 grams of protein per meal (Double for men). By doing this, you’ll be sure to maximally stimulate your metabolism, improve your muscle mass and recovery, and reduce your body fat. Keep in mind that protein is not limited to just breakfast, lunch, and dinner. EVERY feeding opportunity, should contain complete, lean protein.

04. Don't eat any simple sugar or starchy carbohydrates

Over the next 14 days do not eat any form of non-fruit and non-vegetable carbohydrates. This includes simple sugars, sports drinks, as well as starchy carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes, quinoa etc.

A full list of various carbohydrates can be found in our Superfood download below.

05. Eat vegetables with each feeding opportunity

Science has demonstrated that in addition to the micronutrients (vitamins and mineral) packed into veggies; there are also important plant chemicals (phytochemicals) that are essential for optimal physiological functioning. Even more interesting: vegetables (and fruits) provide an alkaline load to the blood.

Since both proteins and grains present acid loads to the blood, it’s important to balance these acids with alkaline rich vegetables and fruits. Too much acid and not enough alkalinity means the loss of bone strength and lean muscle. So make sure you’re keeping balanced! A simple way to ensure you’re getting enough vegetables is to be sure that you’re getting 1-2 servings of veggies (a serving of veggies is about 1/2 a cup women and 1 cup men) with every feeding opportunity – and yes, that means you’ll be eating veggies every 2-3 hours.

06. Eat healthy fats daily

About 30% of the diet should come from fat – not much less, not much more. Just focus on adding the healthy monounsaturated fats (say, from extra virgin olive oil) and omega 3 fats (say, from fish oil supplements) into your diet, and you’re all set.

It’s important that you include fish oil supplements in your nutrition plan. Fish oil supplements improve body composition (that is, they help you lose fat and look leaner) and protect against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. So make sure you’re taking your fish oil – 6 grams (or 6 capsules) a day is generally enough.

07. Stay hydrated

Are you drinking water or green tea? Avoid the calorie-containing drinks; send back the soda, fruit juice, and anything else with more than 0 calories.

08. Build your diet from the supplied recipes

The first diet-building strategy is simple: you just pick and choose meals from the number of recipes we supply you, to create your meal plan. That’s it. Just select the ones you want, and plug them into the available spots in the charts below.

What’s the deal with the charts, you ask? Well, they’re just templates, if you will; each one represents a typical day you might face.

The first chart will show you how to plan your meals on a non-workout day. The second, on a day in which you exercise in the morning. The third, on a day in which you exercise in the late morning or early afternoon. The fourth, on a day in which you exercise in the evening. If you fill out each of these charts, you’ll have a complete diet plan for ANY situation you might face, no matter how what your daily commitments and no matter what time of day you choose to exercise.

In each available meal slot, I tell you what type of meal you need and how much to eat. Then, I’ve left you a column to write in an example meal that fits the bill. Be sure to browse through the Soultrain resources (especially any supplied recipes, including Super Shake Guide) so you have plenty of meal examples to draw from.

09. No Alcohol

The thing to remember about alcohol is that since the body does view it as a toxin, as soon as it enters your system, the primary focus will be on burning it off. Burning off anything else will become secondary on the list of priorities. For you, this means detoxification comes to a halt and fat loss is near impossible.

In order to rid your body of toxins whilst maximising fat loss, alcohol must be a no go zone.

10. Training more than 5 hours each week

The human body is designed to move. A sedentary body doesn’t function as well as an active one, and this applies to the detoxification systems of the body as well.

Why? Because when the body is stagnant, its components tend to be stagnant as well. This includes the circulatory and lymphatic systems, both of which play a significant role in natural detoxification processes. The lymphatic system especially requires movement to facilitate lymph flow, because it doesn’t have an organ like the heart to pump it. Exercise also encourages improved oxygen delivery and aids the elimination of toxins through the lungs.

Now I bet you’re wondering: “what kind of exercise is best?” 

Well, when exercising to detoxify the body as well as to lose body fat, there are two specific goals. The first is to burn calories. And the simplest way to do that? Aerobic exercise – like walking, jogging, climbing stairs, or riding a bike.  But here’s the thing: if you only do aerobic exercise, you may also lose lean mass. That’s a problem because it’ll lower your metabolism.

But more to the point, with aerobic exercise alone, you probably won’t end up looking as good as you can – as fast as you can.

So you’ll also need to do some exercise that shapes your muscles, to stay strong, look good, keep your metabolism high and burn fat faster.  And that means resistance exercise – like free weights, body weight training, circuit training, or group fitness classes.

In the end, if you wanna lose the most fat and look your best, you have to do some calorie-burning exercise and some body-shaping exercise.

So now that we know what kind of exercise to do, let’s talk about how much.  I’m going to give you a really simple answer here: 5 hours a week.

Download your quick start training program and get moving straight away.

11. Detoxification SuperShake

Every morning we would like you to drink our Soultrain Detoxification SuperShake.

Detoxing with our Soultrain Detoxification SuperShake is a great way to help give your body the nutrients it’s really craving, and can give your digestive system a break from having to break down and digest food. The liver is the most important detoxifying organ in the body, so it only makes sense to drink our detox SuperShake to help it function at its best.

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