Starting your physical journey

In this video you will learn how to find out where you really are physically. So you have a clear starting point as you set out of your body transformation journey.

Your Journey Begins Here

Starting a body transformation program without measurements is like planning a trip without a start address. I guarantee you will regret it later. Don’t fly blind, get your data down.


Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), costs $70-80 per session, takes 15 minutes, and offers valuable body composition information – including muscle and body fat percentages, bone density and muscular imbalances.

We strongly recommend you invest in getting a DEXA scan as it gives you the most accurate starting point possible. It allows you to set exact and measurable body composition goals i.e.: ‘in 6 weeks I want my body fat percentage to be under 15%.’ It also allows for quick, easy and accurate re-testing.

Measure Up is our recommended business affiliate.
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We understand not everybody has access to a DEXA scan. Below we outline the other tools and methods you must use to evaluate were your body is at.

Initial Body Composition Assessment

Take your ‘before’ circumference measurements. Get a simple tape measure and measure four locations: both upper arms (mid-bicep), waist, (horizontal at navel), hips (at widest point below waist), and both legs (mid-thigh). Total these numbers to arrive at your Total Inches (TI). Changes in this total will be meaningful enough to track.

Download and fill out your Initial Body Composition Assessment.

Make It Conscious: Flashing And Before Photos

The fastest way to correct a behaviour is to be aware of it in real time, not after-the-fact.

1. Do I really look like that in underwear?! Take digital photos of yourself from the front, back and side in your underwear. Easiest way to do this is to use a digital camera with a timer. Put the least flattering “Before” photo somewhere you will see it often: the refrigerator, bathroom mirror etc.

For everyone who is doing our onsite body transformation challenge, don’t worry, we will take the photos for you.

2. Do I really eat that? Use a digital camera or camera phone to take photographs of everything you eat for 14 days, including weekends. For sizing, put your hand next to each item or plate in the photographs. For maximum effect, you will post each photo on our private Facebook forum. Our coaches will then post comments instructing on what you are doing right, and what you can improve on.

You will receive an invite to join our Facebook forum shortly.

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