LESSON #3.2a

Nutrition for 
“V types”

In this video you will learn about how this course will work and how to follow it to maximise your results from this course

Nutrition for “V types”

V types (mesomorphs) have a medium sized bone structure and athletic body, and if they’re active, they usually have a considerable amount of lean mass. Many explosive athletes like sprinters or gymnasts fit these criteria.

Their bodies are designed to be powerful machines. Excess calories often go to lean mass and dense bones.
They tend to be testosterone and growth hormone dominant.
Thus, they can usually gain muscle and stay lean easily.

V types therefore generally do best on a mixed diet, with balanced carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. So that’s what we recommend.

A nutrient distribution for this body type might be around 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, and 30% fat. (Again, don’t drive yourself crazy with the math. Just envision a roughly balanced mix of all three macronutrients.)

Here’s what that might look like using our portion control guide.

V type women begin by eating:

  • 1

    1 palm of protein dense foods with each meal; (2 for men);

  • 2

    1 fist of vegetables with each meal (2 for men);

  • 3

    1 cupped handfuls of carb dense foods with each meal (2 for men);

  • 4

    1 thumb of fat dense foods with each meal. (2 for men).

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