How to drink and stay in shape

In this video you will learn about how this course will work and how to follow it to maximise your results from this course

You have to make a choice between carbs, 
fat and alcohol

If you decide that you want to have alcohol that day the other two are getting dropped. The key nutrient when we drink are water, protein and fibre.

On alcohol days it is strictly lean protein (chicken, white fish and game) and vegetables and plenty of water.
Your best alcohol choices include: Dry red wine, cognac, gin, scotch, tequila, vodka, whisky with diet mixers are your drinks of choice.

Each glass of alcohol should be followed by a glass of water. CRUCIAL!

Plan Ahead

You have a good idea of when your going to have a blow out. Melbourne cup day, Christmas party, every Friday at Ryan’s Bar whatever your thing is.

If thats the case plan ahead.

Get yourself into a negative energy balance on the morning of the event.

Train in the am or at lunch and cut the carbs and fat out that day. Have a good meal before you get on the drink so that you don’t make bad food choices when your intoxicated.

If the magic happens spontaneously get yourself to the gym the next day. If your hangover is that bad just get into the surf and a sauna the next day.

What ever you do don’t keep making 
bad choices.

“Oh i messed up last night so i may as well have chicken and chips, ill start again Monday”.  Enjoy it while you do it and then own it afterwards.

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