Muscle-building supplements

In our coaching programs and at seminars we give, we’re asked more questions about supplements than about any other topic, hands down.

In today’s lesson, we’re going to make things very simple: We’ll show you exactly what supplements we take and what we have our clients use to build muscle. (Hint: there are only 5.)

Let’s get started.

One approach, and it’s a perfectly legitimate approach, is to simply take nothing.  The truth is — you don’t need supplements.  After all, they’re supposed to supplement other things, like the food you eat and the training you do.

And lots of guys have built muscle over the years taking nothing at all. So that’s where we start in Measly to Manly. Taking no supplements at all is okay. You have our permission.

But here’s the thing: some supplements have tons of research behind them. We have intrepid all this research and turned it into a few, simple recommendations for our clients.

In all the research we’ve looked at, there are really just 5 supplements we recommend – supplements that can reliably help you build muscle.

Here they are:

Fish oil

First, there’s fish oil.  You may have heard a lot about Omega-3’s – and fish oil is the key source.  There’s tons of research, fish oil’s great for building muscle, and it’s even been shown to improve mood and motivation.


Secondly, there are multivitamins.  As you’ve probably heard, the modern diet often leads to small deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals.  These deficiencies can slow your metabolism and impair your ability to build muscle – among other things.  And a good multivitamin can help fix that.

Protein Powder

Third, there’s protein powder.  Protein powder’s not entirely necessary if you get enough protein from the foods you eat, like lean meats, chicken and fish.  But since most scrawny guys need to pump up their protein significantly, it helps to have a good protein powder around to throw in a blender with some other healthy stuff when you’re crunched for time or want a quick muscle-building meal.

Creatine Monohydrate

Fourth, there’s creatine monohydrate, the most researched supplement in all of sports science. It’s a white, tasteless powder, that can translate to more strength and muscle. Make sure to go with creatine monohydrate.There are other forms of creatine out there but they’re just not that effective.

Post-workout drink

Finally, there’s a post-workout drink. When you’re in the gym, you’re not actually building muscle — you’re tearing it down. A good post-workout drink is a mixture of of high-quality protein and fast-acting carbohydrates, and it helps your body rebuild and recover.

And that’s it.

A lot of thought and research have gone into these recommendations. This is what we use personally – and they’re also what we have our clients use.

Nothing more.

Now, rather than go into details about how much to take of each, and all that stuff, we’ve put together a really useful Supplement Cheat Sheet, which you can download on this page and print out for yourself.

In it, we explain exactly how we use each supplement we recommend. So go download that cheat sheet and give it a read.

And come back tomorrow for our final lesson:

“Why most guys fail to build muscle, and how not to be one of them.”

See you then.