What to eat: Your eating plan

Yesterday, you learned a few simple rules for great nutrition: calories down, protein up, replace grains with greens, and replace bad fats with healthy fats.

Problem is, we don't really eat protein, carbs and fat; we eat food. So the real question is: if you want to get in great shape and get control of your eating, what should your meals look like?

Today I teach you exactly what kinds of meals to eat and I even give you some simple recipes to get you started.

So the question is: if you really wanna lose fat, what food do you actually eat? That’s what I’m going to cover today.  And here’s the cool thing – this part’s really easy too. Especially if you break it down one meal at a time.

So let’s use breakfast as an example.  Now, you’ll often hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Whether that’s true or not is up for debate. But I like breakfast. So let’s start there.

And let’s start with this question: “If I wanna lose fat, what should I eat for breakfast?”

Well, first, let’s quickly go over some breakfast options that won’t help you lose fat. Here are a few examples.
•    the “on the go breakfast” – like a bagel and cream cheese.
•    the “restaurant breakfast” – like eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast.
•    the “at-home breakfast” – like a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice.

So, why aren’t these breakfasts great for losing fat?  Well, let’s look to our checklist from yesterday.
•    In most of these examples, the calories are too high – especially the restaurant breakfast.
•    In addition, the protein is too low – particularly the at home breakfast.
•    Also, the carbs are too high.
•    None of the meals include veggies.
•    And finally, none of the meals contain healthy fats – and some of them contain too many unhealthy fats.

Now, before moving on, I should mention one other type of breakfast – the “nothing breakfast” – which is exactly what it sounds like; you eat nothing.

Of course, with this breakfast the calories are way down.  But it’s also missing all the nutrients that support your lean tissue and speed your metabolism.  Moreover, skipping breakfast almost always leads to some sort of overeating later in the day. That’s why skipping breakfast is usually a bad idea.

Here’s the bottom line. In each of these breakfasts there are some fundamental flaws that will prevent you from losing fat. In fact, with most of them, you’ll probably end up gaining fat.

So the question is this: if you wanna lose fat, what can you eat for breakfast? Well, I’m going to give you some real easy, tasty examples.

First, let’s look at a “breakfast at home” option.  You have a few minutes, you want something delicious, and you wanna do your best to lose fat. Well, here’s a good breakfast for that.

A nice omelet, a little side salad, mixed nuts, some avocado, and a touch of extra virgin olive oil dressing. It’s super easy, and super tasty.  Plus, it covers every one of our nutritional principles.

Want the recipe? No problem. You’ll find it in the resource section on top right-hand side of your screen.

Now if you’re crunched for time and have to run out the door as soon as you get dressed, you might not be able to make the breakfast at home option.  But you’ll still want a healthy, “on the go” meal that will give you energy – and help you lose fat.

So here’s what we’ve got for ya. It’s called a “Super Shake”.

And it’s made with strawberries, blueberries, a splash of almond milk, a little bit of protein powder, some greens, and a couple of ice cubes.  It’s quick, it’s incredibly easy, and it tastes amazing. Best of all, it’ll help you lose fat.

Again, if you want the recipe, you’ll find it along the sidebar in the resource section.

Now, before we wrap up – I have to put this out there.  Whoever told you that making healthy, fat loss meals was difficult doesn’t really know what they’re doing.  This stuff is really easy and totally do-able no matter what type of lifestyle you currently live.

And it’s not just breakfast. There are ways to make any meal healthier, faster, and better for fat loss.  In fact, in our resource section, over on the right, you’ll find easy ways to do just that for any meal.

Should I do it all at once?

There are ways to make any meal healthier, faster to make, and better. In fact, in our resource section, over on the right, you'll find easy ways to do just that for breakfast, lunch, dinner — and even shakes you can have on the go.

But here's the thing: take it easy. If you wanna get in shape, don't try to change every meal and snack you eat right away, because it's too much to change at once.

(And later in this course, we'll get into why that is, and I'll teach you how to make the process both more effective and much much easier by doing less than you think you have to.)

For now, just focus on improving one meal. That may seem small. But, really, it's a huge step, and one many people never take.

One improvement at a time.

In fact, making one small improvement at a time is what we have all our clients do. And we produce more dramatic change stories than probably anyone else.

So go ahead and read the free resources we've given you. In them, we show you exactly what to eat. Pick one meal to change, and try one of the recipes.

And tune back in tomorrow for the next important lesson: exercise for fat loss.

Just like with nutrition, there are so many exercise misconceptions. So let’s cut through the BS together and come up with something really easy and really effective.

See you then.