Supplement guide: Which to take, if any.

In today’s lesson, I’m going to make the world of supplements very simple: I’ll tell you exactly what supplements we have OUR clients use, and why. (Hint: there are only 4 of them.)

In all the research we’ve looked at, there are really just 4 supplements we recommend – supplements that can reliably help with a fat loss program – while still being safe to use on a regular basis.

Here they are:

First, there’s fish oil. You may have heard a lot about Omega-3’s – and fish oil is the key source.  There’s tons of research, fish oil’s great for fat loss, and it’s even been shown to improve mood and motivation.

Secondly, there are multivitamins. As you’ve probably heard, the modern diet often leads to small deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies can slow your metabolism and impair your ability to burn fat – among other things.  And a good multivitamin can help fix that.

Third, there’s protein powder.  Protein powder’s not entirely necessary if you get enough protein from the foods you eat, like lean meats, chicken and fish.  But since most people are crunched for time, they find themselves eating too little high quality protein.  That’s why adding some quick protein can be really, really helpful.

And finally, there are greens supplements.  If you get enough veggies, a greens supplement might not be entirely necessary.  But most people simply don’t eat enough vegetables, and are missing out on the micro-nutrients they contain — many of which help you lose fat either directly or indirectly. And a greens supplement can come in handy here.

So there you have it, 4 supplements for fat loss.  That’s it.

A lot of thought and a lot of research have gone into these recommendations – these supplements are what I use personally – and they’re also what I have our clients use.  Nothing more.

Your supplement cheat sheet.

In the sidebar on the right, you’ll find a really useful Supplement Recommendations cheat sheet, which you can download and print out.

In it, I explain exactly how we use each of the 4 supplements we recommend.

If it’s not one of those 4, it didn’t make the cut, either because it’s not proven useful, or it’s not proven safe — and that means I don’t use it, and neither do our clients.